Success Story: STIHL Migrates to SAP S/4HANA Using CrystalBridge® in One Step – Including Complete Data History

“Thanks to the automated SNP BLUEFIELD™ approach, we were able to implement the complex requirements in just one project and in one step – and with high quality, too!”

Tobias Diepold, Vice President Global Solution Architect, STIHL

The Challenge

As part of the group-wide "ONE STIHL" project, STIHL is successively introducing a harmonized process and system landscape based on the new SAP S/4HANA business suite at all of the group's locations. The project began with 15 STIHL sales companies, which had to be migrated from SAP R/3 to S/4HANA in a "big bang".

The Solution

SNP's software-based BLUEFIELD™ approach made it possible to combine all necessary tasks into a single project. In addition, the combination of several project tasks reduced the time frame of the overall project.

The Advantage

  • Conversion of companies from one controlling area per company to one global controlling area for all companies
  • Establishment of a new cost center structure
  • Harmonization of the ledgers and conversion to a uniform group currency