Success Story: SNP BLUEFIELD™ Provides Turbo Thrust for Data Migration

“With the help of the SNP transformation approach, we were able to adapt to current process requirements (New General Ledger) and convert our finance system to S/4HANA in one step. This created the basis for developing a uniform, central financial system for Airbus Commercial Aircraft.”

Thomas Heine, Airbus Operations GmbH

The Challenge

The task was to adapt the future central system to current general ledger requirements in one step using the Bluefield approach and to upgrade to S/4HANA.

The Solution

With the Bluefield approach it was possible to simultaneously transfer master and transaction data including complete history, create business partners and introduce a new general ledger including document split in the course of the S/4HANA upgrade.

The Advantage

  • Flexibility and speed thanks to SNP methodology
  • Significant reduction of downtime
  • Customized transformation steps through the software-based Bluefield approach