Success Story: NATS Anonymizes Sensitive ERP Data Enabling Full Control of Development & Change Lifecycle

“With TDO, we have the ability to keep our SAP landscape up to date to provide assurance for our user testing and to address the challenges we had with securing our test data; meeting internal compliance for data protection while reducing the time it takes to get projects underway with external partners.”

Emma Chambers, Head of NIBS Business Process & Activity Management, NATS

The Challenge

To meet the requirements of the GDPR, NATS had to anonymize sensitive company data in the company's SAP platform. Creating test data across the SAP system copy involved significant effort. In addition, running their SAP systems on a HANA database meant that as the database grew, so did hosting costs. NATS needed to reduce the size of their non-production environment and save significant infrastructure costs as quickly as possible.

The Solution

With SNP's Test Data Organizer (TDO), NATS can now transfer the required master and transaction data from source to target systems without the usual time and effort and without impacting the source system or the project itself. The software solution has improved data consistency as well as the quality of test data and significantly reduced run times compared to system copies.

The Advantage

  • Reduction of size of non-productive environments by more than 50 percent
  • Ability to create data slices and reduce hosting costs
  • Compliance with the GDPR and internal data security standards