Success Story: Improved Data Structure

“Despite the significant complexity of our systems, data, and processes, the entire data migration worked as planned. We were able to continue business operations with the new system on the scheduled date without experiencing any problems.” Dr. Jürgen Schäfer, Head of information technology (CIO) and controlling, ProMinent Group

The Challenge

In 2011, as part of a ”2nd generation rollout”, ProMinent decided to implement SAP (version 6.0) as the standardized ERP system group-wide.

The Solution

Using SNP Transformation Backbone®, it was easy to carry out the changes to the data structure and the associated reorganization of historical and current data.

The Advantage

  • Standardized ERP system with a consistent database
  • Reduced complexity of the IT systems
  • Thanks to SNP Transformation Backbone, data can be continuously migrated after the fact
  • Users can acquire relevant knowledge and skills, allowing future projects to be carried out with minimal external support