Success Story: Data Separation in Compliance with Regulations

“It all came down to precision in order to successfully complete the project – thanks to the professional support of SNP, we were able to get it done. It was fast, the data separation was precise, and the migration complied with all security requirements.” Sebastian Bauer, SAP Division head, Energie Südbayern GmbH

The Challenge

The aim was to seperate the natural monopoly of operating the network infrastructure from upstream and downstream steps in the value chain.

The Solution

The quick and secure success of the project was able to be ensured primarily thanks to using the SNP Transformation Backbone® software.

The Advantage

  • Technical migration of all data within 40 hours
  • Smooth split of system data and migration to two separate SAP systems
  • Auditors always had insight into the ongoing transformation and could see the quality of the system change for themselves