Success Story: Complete Data Security

“Thanks to SNP, we were able to protect our data securely and in compliance with the law.” Jens-Ulrich Voigt, Project manager, Evonik Services GmbH

The Challenge

In order to increase the quality of developer tests, the company needed to transfer data and complete transactions from production to testing and development systems.

The Solution

To ensure that the productive data is fully protected in the testing and development environments, Evonik relied on SNP Data Provisioning & Masking in addition to the SAP Test Data Migration Server.

The Advantage

  • Evonik ensured that personal data and data worthy of protection is handled around the globe in a manner compliant with the law
  • Critical corporate data and trade secrets are protected
  • Data integrity is secured
  • Use of predefined standard masking rules as well as the ability to define custom masking specific to the company
  • Comprehensive tests on the development systems are possible thanks to masked (but reduced) testing data
  • Integration tests can be carried out using masked testing data across a variety of systems
  • Implementation of off-shore and near-shore concepts for the users of the development systems