Success Story: Company Code Merge on Time and Within Budget

“Through the use of SNP software, it was possible to integrate all processes, interfaces, and client-dependent customizing from one company code into another company code.” Yves Rührdich, Head of IT Systems, Processes, and AMS, Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH

The Challenge

The goal of the project with Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH was to integrate the company code 0320 into the company code 0600.

The Solution

With the help of software from SNP, the migration for the threestage SAP system environment (test, QM, and production) was completed within three months.

The Advantage

  • Prevention of additional work and expenses in the future (additional development, complex data mapping) through the merger of company code
  • Migration period within 24 hours when merging the company codes of a large, 4.5-terabyte SAP system
  • Project carried out on schedule and within budget