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Warp Speed

Quickly Plan, Simulate, and Execute Transformations with Expert Insights

CrystalBridge allows you to graphically visualize and interact with your entire SAP landscape to accelerate and secure business transformations. Visualize a project before implementation, and simulate it reliably so that the outcome is predictable.

By leveraging expertise from more than 7000 transformation projects, CrystalBridge delivers intelligent recommendations. CrystalBridge is the command center from which transformations are conceived, visualized, simulated, analyzed, and executed. Don't begin your next transformation project without it.

Near Zero

Closing the Gap Between Business Execution and IT Strategy

There is a gap between business and technology. Businesses make decisions about their vision, productivity, survivability, and competitive stance, and these decisions impact the technology that automates business processes. But changes to applications, data, and infrastructure quickly develop into massive projects that demand enormous amounts of time and introduce potentially grave risks. This creates a gap between what the business decides and what it can implement.Find out more about SNP’s gap-closing strategies.




SNP White Paper

Near Zero: Closing the Gap Between Business Execution and IT Strategy

Learn how SNP can reduce the gap between business and technology to near zero, accomplishing in days and weeks what can often take months or more.


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The Power of the CrystalBridge Command Center